Getting to the Bottom of this Hole Colonoscopy thing…and the Butts about it!

Last night I came across a blog that brought back vivid memories of the pain and suffering that I endured during my last Colonoscopy. The worst part for me was the placing of the I.V., seeing the blood backwashing, up the tubing, swirling around, mixing with the fluids that were about to send me to LaLa land. As the co-mingled slush fed back into my vien waves of pain and burning sensation flew up my arm. I was having one of those little old ‘adverse reactions’. No Little about it, it was more of a Universal size reaction, sent me into shock, and thats about all I remembered about the Hole Damn Proc(-to>)Seizure.

Now back to the important part of this posting.
Apologies for earlier mishandling of other bloggers posts, fixed post haste, no farting around, hopefully to remove bad post tastes, on a definitely hands and Mouths Off subject!

And now, I bid you Adieu,
and off you go to the wonder filled blog

how the hell did i end up here?

not to be confused with a Do or a Doo Doo

specifically the link to Alien Probe