Speaking of Washington, DC I noticed at the top of the Alien Probe page is a link to your Sneaky Snake’s posting (THE MUSINGS OF A STORYTELLER BY ELEANOR LOIS TOMCZYK / how the hell did i end up here? Blog).


Sneaky Snake’s could well be a description of our Nation’s leaders or a lead in to the Alien Probe itself. After all a Colonoscopy is just a fancy name for a plumbers Roto-Rooter-ing. Plumbers and Politicians. One has Plumbers Crack, and the other you can’t trust to stay out of places like Watergate. Tape the Cracks, and Crack the Tapes! Plumbers will at least give you an estimate, and if you don’t get it fixed you might never be high and dry again.

Dirty Martini’s, a Politicians favorite. Muddy the waters, occlude the truth, and put it down as a business lunch.

What other profession can you name in which you don’t have to keep your promises?
If I break a promise I am held accountable and no one would trust me anymore.
What professionals are not held to any professional standards, don’t have a contract, and can spend all your time not doing anything productive, can even spend their time running for election for their next jobs while not doing the first one, and not have to worry about being fired?
If you or I spent all our time on the phones, or mailing out requests for money, kissed any strangers babies, we would be accused of scams, money laundering, and molestation.

Who doesn’t have to worry about Social Security or retirement because you will get your full pay, your spouse will get it if you die, can commit any crime without having to worry about losing those benefits, well of course except for Treason.

But of course its only Treason if you get caught. Why worry about that anyway, as you and your friends can make the laws, bend them and twist them, add on riders, and compromises, and so dilute anything actually meaningful into meaningless or just down right mean, if you know what I mean?

Can you even name the last time you ever saw, or heard, about Political CoOperation?

Think about it for a minute. And think about why there is a Two Party system in our Government. Its because they cooperated and established so many blocks and hoops to jump through that no other parties can join the party system.

“Its my Party, and I’ll Cry if I Want Two!” If you are not one of the Two, crying is about all anyone else can do. It’s all spilt Milk, and they own the Cash Cows.

Why can’t they do their Jobs, or even come up with a Balanced Budget? Is it because Justice is Blind? No, Justice has long been Blind, Bound and Gagged, and no longer has any place at the Table. It has joined the rest of us down on the cutting room floor, waiting for scraps.

The Romans had a similar system, they would eat and drink to excess. When they could no longer get any enjoyment, they would go into a room and cause self induced vomiting. This would allow them to return to the banquet, enjoy the fruits of others labors, over and over and over the teeth and through the gums, yum yum yum. The run off was collected and distributed to the slaves. It’s not like they actually had any time to digest the tasty food bits, and the alcohol probably killed off any really nasty bugs, so why not then get extra value out of it and make the slaves eat it? They had a word for it, Vomitorium.

Sounds pretty hideous doesn’t it? What exactly do we as tax-paying Americans get out of the system? Not nearly as much as those slaves did, it seems.

Why would politicians ever fix our system? Why did no one kill the Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs? As long as politicians benefit from the system, they have no incentive to change it.
No One Man, even a President, can make them change.

The only people in our society that are guaranteed meals and housing, which is what slaves were entitled to, are our Criminal Incarcerated Elements. And from what I understand, they get health care, such as Kidney transplants.

I ask you, if someone is on Death Row, why are we giving them any medical assistance, let alone any that is expensive life extending procedures? Why are they even being fed?

They are Prisoners! They have broken the law, and are supposed to be suffering some penalties, not getting 3 square a day, cable TV, free gym privileges.

Who ever said Crime doesn’t Pay!
Just ask any Professional Criminal.
Don’t even bother asking the Criminal Professionals!