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4961 Santa Anita Ave #H, Temple City, CA 91780
About is the place for you to find your rifle upgrades. Check out our online catalog for great upgrades.
Company Overview
Combat Optical inc. with is based in Southern California. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality products at rock bottom prices. How do we do it? It’s simple. We directly import all of our products from established manufacturing facilities in the Far East, including China and Taiwan Through this direct selling model, middleman costs are minimized and so WE PASS ON ALL SAVINGS TO YOU!
Shop with confidence with us! is a super user-friendly site, with up-to-date security features to safeguard your personal information and your identity, as well as providing the best quality with low prices.
We carry form rifle scope, bipod, mount/rail, ring, cleaning kit, green laser sight, tactical LED flashlight, and Spotting Scope. We cover most of AR15/M4, GSG-5/GSG-5PK/GSG-5P/GSG-5SD, Ruger 1022/SR-22/Mini-14/Mini-30, Mosin Nagant M44/M38, M14/M1A, AK47/SKS, and 1919 M2 gear and accessories.