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“Firestorm: Destroyermen”
Taylor Anderson – Author
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Firestorm: Destroyermen
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Read from October 09 to 14, 2011 — I own a copy

“Firestorm: Destroyermen” USS Walker might not be a Texas Ranger, but she would do Chuck Norris Proud!

USS Walker sails full steam ahead into deeper dangers despite Dominion Doms dastardly duplicitous deeds dealing death and destruction right back into the new menace facing them, flying Grik’s grimacing faces.The alliance grows, but in doing so it needs to protect and cover expanding territory, extending its protection and spreading its forces to the breaking point.Forces beyond control force a multi-front war into the laps of the Human Cat coalition.

The strange storms that brought Walker and her crew continue to cause transferences.

Are you Ready? Or are you Reddy? Holy Kissing cousin of circumstance, Bataan!
Either way new Japanese menaces sail the savage seas, some willing to resort to cannibalism of captives that will never get the chance to struggle through the rigors of a Death March on this new Bataan-less world.
Once exiled Japanese crewmen return leading Samurai Cats to save some from the stewpot, if only for another day to face other dangers.

Technological advances sea-saw the balance of power, changing the course of the war on both sides. The Grik’s are learning, if only by attrition, that some things take more than just waves of cannon fodder, and that the meat grinders can grind exceedingly fine. Even the grist of the mill might have some value in the hands of capable leaders, who are slowly learning to respond and mold the remains into something so ultimately un-Grik-like, as to closely approximate intelligent responses to danger, including the human standby, that he who survives to fight another day might just have to run away to do it, rather than fight until death that day.

Traitors nearly cut the legs out from under New Britain’s chances, much as the Dominion and the Companies perfidy launched the earlier attack on the civilians at the Dueling Grounds, which almost caused the loss of the Governors legs.

“From Whom Words Shadow Doles” /DOLE archaic: one’s allotted share, portion, or destiny

Firestorm  DestroyermenTaylor Anderson

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