Of Orange Jumpsuits and Helicopters, do you want to know more? (Picture in your minds eyes and ears the announcer from “Starship Troopers”, banners and segues, hit it!)

Well then lets get to it, now that I have your attention all Chained up and raring to Run!

And No, that is not Arnold AKA Running Man, AKA Terminated Governator, in a hair net, but it might be Richard Dawson, after kissing all those married contestants on Family Fued!

So would this not be a Plain Brown Wrapper, or a Vanilla Ice WannaBe?

I take it the above photo explains the Orange Jumpsuit part of our teaser line?

For the Helicopter portion, hmm, nah, not going to make that too easy now am I?  Nope, don’t think so, no way no how, no how way!  Go hit the High Way, cause low flying copters, well lets say they might cut off some chicken heads, and it sure doesn’t pay to play Chicken with something that has such Sharp Rotor Blades.

But back to the Helicopter parts, which could be flying every which way iffin it were to be crashing a party.  Get it? Parts, Party?  Body parts!  And that isn’t even throwing in that Orange Jumpsuits bring up to mind Orange Orangutans and Clint Eastwood all Loosey Lu Pink Cadillacing.

Well enough jawing, go find your own Jaw bone, call her Lucy, but watch out for dribble glasses at the bar fights, then you can avoid coming down with Dr Leaky, and getting all Australopithecus , you might end up On the Trail a Old Pithecus, or just all pissy cussed.  Some might even say some cuss words if their Jewels were stolen, Family Jewels that is!

Well, think its time for the answer to Helicopters and Jumpsuits?  

Go see a friend of mine, from whose site I stole the photo you had in your sights earlier.  

Yep, good Old Jules,, from over at 

Too many reincarnations in a single lifetime to trust this one.


Enjoy! I do!

Hope Old Jules does!  Cause this ones on me, for him!

Lets have another round of applause for Old Jules!


Just one question though?  What are you going to do with the Helicopter if you do catch it?