Roll the Smiles, Que the Demonic Voices! O Vices I Demonic Que!  DeVices HarMonica!

Roll out the Paper, Roll out the Paper of Fun!

Found to avoid this, you turn the roll over the other way, then when they claw downward, it doesn’t unroll.  But beware, it does piss them off no end, as they can not unroll it to the end.  Our cat would dig in her claws and rip out large chunks at random, making a swiss cheese like appearance.  Trying to use the left overs was difficult as a persons fingers tend to slip into the holes and then into the hole that most prefer not to fill with fingers, if you know how that feels, I can feel for you , but would rather not!

On that Happy Thought Naught, catch a Flying Flock!


If you have a Fear of Flying, then perhaps something a little easier to Digest?  Get it Digest, Blog I Say!


 The Same side? Inner Demons?  What side would Inner Demons be on?

The Inside!  I am on my own Inside? I am On My Own, Inside?!  I Own My On Side In!

  And when they don’t talk to me, then who are they Talking to?

Are they talking to you?

Are you Talking to Me?

What, Do you Think I look like a Taxi Driver?

Taxi Driver is a much to Taxing Job for I!

Get a life, Call a Cab!