Abject and Totally Awkward Idiot here, no ME!  Its Chris Myers, not Meyers, I Fred ed out there.


As kids we always went by First names all the times. In Fact: I did not know my original last name until about ’97 15 years ago! I was born in ’63 a Leetch, and had to suck up my way into the Foster clan for 9 years before officially becoming a Foster in ’72. So what happened to my memory you might ask? Thats a long and complicated story that I am still figuring out. May a post for another day!
Am I thick or What!
Yeah, its the or What!
So, remembering Last Names has never been a big thing for me I guess.
Give that Loren, my 1st name, in Latin means….
Well, lets take a little test shall we.
What does the meaning of the following words imply?
ForLorn? Sad and Lost
LoveLorn? Lost at Love
OK, if you were paying any attention at all does Loren / LORN
A) Sad Love, Sad Lover, Love Sadly
B) Lost, Lost, Lost

If You said A) then you might want to tell your parents and teachers they didn’t get their moneys worth!

Oh, by the way?
Foster is translation in Old English as
Guardian of the Forest, a Forester.
So I think You should Carve Up a many limbed Tree waiving a whole Grove of Chainsaws!
What better way to guard the Foster Forest then with Chainsaw Armed Trees!

Again, Sorry Chris Myers!