But Hey!  Its here to Save the Day!

And no we are not talking about Dogs, not Going to the Dogs, not Letting the Dogs Out, Pity Who the Fool. No Dog gone Dog Poop Jokes coming up, or going down, Gar U Enteed!

We are talking about Steeds!

No not Am a Peel or an Avenging old Steed

Nor the relatively newer edition Steed, though both are indeed in Fine English Tweed.

Yes the Riderless Steed indeed gets the Last Laugh, isn’t the right Mr. Ed?

You Betcha Willbbburrr!


And did you ever notice that Willbbburrr! is much like Wildburro?

Notice any resemblance Carol aka Connie Hines, as in Back Ends B C Hines, did you marry a Jack Ass?


So Back to the But Hey!

Thats for horses you know, the butt hay.

Starts out nice and Sheave ‘ed

Butt Farts out not so nice and Disheveled

stock photo : Heap of Horse manure

And often needs to be Shoveled

To be a true Master of

When you just can’t Doo a Diservice

Go and get the Master Manual of Loves Labor

 Even Take a look in side, if you dare


But what would royalty be with out noble mounts.

On foot of course, indeed, in need of a Steed!

But Hey! Its here to Save the Day!

Or to cover the Road with Apples!

Well how did you like them Apples?  Not much you say?

Of course not, those are Oranges, not Apples!

And we are dealing with Apples not Oranges, even if the Peeler was an Emma award grape wining actress, who Drives Big Riggs

or was a Man, as Your Mother  was thoroughly a Man, such as a later

U Ma Thur Man. “Sometimes Prettier?”  Pretty Woman or Man?


But Hey! Its here to Save the Day!

Road Apples that is!

Loren Foster aka shadolrds

“From Whom Words Shadow Doles”