The Last Dragon, or The Answer my Friend, is Burning on the Wind

Title: The Last Dragon

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Imprint: Dark Horse Books

ISBN: 9781595827982

Author: Jane Yolen

Illustrated by: Rebecca Guay

The Last Dragon

If a picture is truly worth a 1,000 words, then “The Last Dragon”‘s illustrations, by Rebecca Guay, gives flight to a Trilogy’s worth of Jane Yolen’s words perfectly matted and framed.

The idyllic lifestyles of this little Meddlesome backwater is about to be disrupted, their lives turned upside down.  After a building string of missing animals the village Healer, Tansy’s father disappears.

The speculation runs wild, and rumors rampant.  Could it truly be the wicked work of a Dragon, long gone these last 2oo years?  A Hero is need, but none can be found on the Isle of Medd.

Come join Jane, and Rebecca on Tansy and these minions of Medd, on their quest for a Hero, to clear the skies, and perhaps save the day for humanity.

You will not be disappointed, your interest will take flight, your heart strings will be plucked, and your expectations will soar on the winds like a kite.

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