Chimichanga! Better than a Bearded Burrito!

Title: Chimichanga

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Imprint: Dark Horse Books

Pub Date: 08/31/2011

Author: Eric Powell

In “Chimichanga”, author Eric Powell serves up a heaping helping of “Goon” Tastic Circus Escapades, in Spades!

The Bearded Lady is downsized to a Bearded Girl. But don’t you dare think she is a little sissy, this sassy missy is full pluck sized.  There is an evil witch, like when is there not an evil witch when witches are on the prowl?  This one wants the whiskers on our young girls chinny-chin-chin, in trade for an egg?  Sure why not, whats there to loose!

Many twists and turns abound, an egg is found!  A Chimichanga is consumed and the Name is assumed.  Girl finds egg, egg hatches Chimichanga gnashes, monster looses girl, monster goes looking for girl gone wild!

Pull up a chair ringside while you can, but hold on to your cotton candy, Wrinkle’s Travelling Circus is on the move.  Don’t be left behind.  This Goon is for You!

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Loren Foster aka shadolrds

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