Only the best cuisine from around the world! but who decides on their signs????

 Remember, keep them  apart








Because one accepts deposits by both small and large,









well okay, both can accept,  butt… sometimes considered to be wrong,




but the Parking in Rear sign is missing from here.





But is ok with


And the other makes deposits, involving Stools and Pots








Cut the Cheese Log or the Chocolate Log

Getting enough of these and you might become like Ron Jeremy









But just remember Mine Don’t Stink

Remember to Masticate well and often to avoid








that might get stuck in your craw.

Not All that Glitters is

You need to get up early and raise them up from wild Babes in the woods to









Because the poor old Storks can only lift them up so high because they









Eat Well, Live Clean, and if you really



got to Smoke them,

then go get yourself

a heaping helping of