Had a kid in the office today with his 2 Chinese parents. He had a Minnesota license that had obviously been tampered with, the birthday, the expiration date were bleeding and the laminate didn’t have any Ultraviolet security features over those areas anymore, holograms were interrupted.  I asked him for more documents, and his father came to the counter, so i asked to see his license too.

His was good, so I made a record of everything, scanned the kids stuff, sent it down to Olympia for the “License Integrity Unit,” can you say Fraud section, to start looking at.
Then Daddy started demanding why it was taking so long and why couldnt issue on his say so as a Father.
I let my supervisor take over at that point, let both parents yell and shout and bang on the counter about how we were ruining their only sons 21st birthday, and defending his honor against my aspersions that something besides the “washing machine” must be the cause of the bleeding, even though it didn’t effect the rest of the areas of the license information.
I didn’t get a chance to tell them about my walking in the rain around Pullman alone on mine.
But it gave me a bit of time to look at the license scan under magnification.

What I figured out is that the kid, off in Minnesota and New York, had done was to alter his license to make his age over 21, of course it still had a big UNDER 21 above the photo, he had tried to color in the letters, but gave up after the U, he hadn’t matched the color very well.

Now he is back home in Washington, and its now his 21st birthday today, time to go get a real license with his real birthdate on it.
Unfortunately if he shows the altered one where he is already over 21… so he had to re alter it back to his real dates.
Altering Alterations might be an Alliteration, but it also degrades everything around it, hence all the bleeding of the numbers and letters.

Oh to be a spy camera when Mommy and Daddy finally get to here Sonny boys confession that he has been off at college spending his time in such honorable pursuits as breaking state and federal laws by altering legal documents with the intent of breaking open a proscribed cold one.

Will see what Olympia can dig up and slap him with on Monday, probably a whole 90 day suspension, ohhh nooo!