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In “Beneath Hallowed Ground” Steven P. Locklin takes on the challenge of linking a plausible Civil War tale to an intriguing current day sleuthing adventure mystery, one in which we know somehow he will enticingly reveal how the Gold at this end of the Rainbow story shall be found.  If you have not yet gotten an Address in Gettysburg, join us for a Now and Then, before President Lincoln punches his ticket at a Theater he should not have a Ford ed.

New Story! “Ghost Hedgehog” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

"Ghost Hedgehog" With all the places ghosts could go, in this world and the next, who do they keep hanging around Jack? From Nina Kiriki Hoffman comes a new short story, “Ghost Hedgehog“!

Nina Kiriki Hoffman’s first solo novel, The Thread that Binds the Bones, won the Bram Stoker Award. Her short fiction has been shortlisted for every major award in the SF and fantasy field. The illustration is by Goni Montes.

It’s the Muppet Week!

It's the Muppet Week!The Muppets is due out just before Thanksgiving, so is devoting some time to all things Henson!Muppet Week is here and we’re going to be talking about films, puppetry, and the SFF inspirations throughout Henson’s work. Danny Bowes finds the Rainbow Connection in The Muppet Movie, Chris Lough needs to remind you why The Great Muppet Caper is the best Muppet film of the lot, and Emily Asher-Perrin asks the most important question about The Muppets Take Manhattan – are Kermit and Miss Piggy really married? Ryan Britt takes a look at six SF icons who hung out with Kermit and the gang, and we’ve learned that several Muppets tried out for the part of Yoda before the wrinkled one landed the part: see their auditions! Plus, Bridget McGovern discusses Henson’s first major foray into fantasy, 1982’s The Dark Crystal. There’s more coming all week, so don’t miss out on all the laughs, songs and dances!

Barnes & Noble Booksellers Picks Take a Look at New Releases!

Barnes & Noble Bookseller's PicksThe Barnes & Noble Bookseller’s Picks is taking a look atnew releases this month: Michael M. Jones discusses the continuing adventures of a warrior princess in Mike Shepherd’s Kris Longknife: Daring, Gregory Manchess shares some of the year’s most fantastic SFF art inSpectrum 18, Emily Asher-Perrin talks about the nature of the Force in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan, and Ron Hogan gives us a vampire dystopia from the brilliant Guillermo del Toro in The Night Eternal. If you want excerpts, we’ve got one from Devon Monk’s Magic on the Line!

While you’re deciding what new books to add to your queue, we’ve got a question for you: what was the very first book you bought with your own money? We asked our readers last week, andwe’ve gotten quite a response so far – chime in with your own stories in the comments!

So Long, Johnny: Kubrick Week Ends

Kubrick's SFFDanny Bowes spent all last week revisiting Stanley Kubrick’s SFF films, but now it’s time to shut down our old friend HAL and send Dr. Strangelove to his top-secret subterranean bunker. In the final installments of the series, Danny praised Jack Nicholson and the visual impact of The Shining, worked through the problematic fever dream that was Eyes Wide Shut, and learned what happens when someone other than Kubrick tries to make a Kubrick film with A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. Don’t forget to check the week’s index for any movies you may have missed!

Girls With Swords and Arrows Set to Dominate Theaters Next Year

The Hunger GamesWe’ve seen quite a few new trailers emerge in the past week, and there seems to be an emerging trend – all over Hollywood, ladies are taking up arms. First, take a peek at the full trailer for The Hunger Games, then head on over to watch a feisty Scottish redhead who’s also pretty handy with a bow in the trailer for Pixar’s Brave. Then, Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror, Mirror are poised to bring us dueling updates on the same classic fairy tale – watch the trailers here.

In other movie news, it could be that Harry Potter director David Yates is looking to bring Doctor Who to the big screen without building on television show’s continuity (though certain sources are vehemently denying it). Would you go see it? And for SFF at the theaters this past week, our reviewers weigh in on The Immortals and Melancholia! Comes to Google+ on Google+We want to make sure you can find on whatever social media platform you favor. We’ve been bringing you our content through Facebook and Twitter for some time now, and providing extra coverage from all over the web with our specialized Facebook and Twitter satellite accounts, for fans of Science Fiction,FantasyUrban FantasySteampunkArt, and the Wheel of Time series. We are happy to announce that is now available on Google+! So wherever you prefer to hang out on the internet, you can always find you favorite coverage.


















Countdown: M Day! Over and Done.

Tom Kratman makes you sympathize and understand the reasons of the enemy, making it all the harder to see them killed off. War at its Best, War at its Worst, all boils down to Manpower and Money, and the willingness to spend both when needs must.

Over all I enjoyed  the 1st of this series “Countdown: The Liberators” much more.

















Loren Foster aka shadolrds

“From Whom Words Shadow Doles”


This is going to Hurt You More than it will Me! Or, Wait till my Paw Hits Home!

Guess Who Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Head this Mourning!

And Typing of Alternate Captions, go see me in the contest!

Shadowfist! Out of the Darkness and Across Time!

Maybe the Glass is really Half Full!

“Do you love Shadowfist but have no one with whom you can play in your area? Shoot us a message and we’ll either give you the tools to start your own Shadowfist group or find hidden players you might not know about! It only takes three players for a great game night of equal opportunity butt-kicking!”

Check out November’s Inner Kingdom Update to read up on the latest news and the long-awaited list of top Secret Warriors of 2011!
We have a new name at #1 this year!

Hey Shadowfist friends! Inner Kingdom has released the board game, Zombie Dash. Available here: We could use some help getting traffic to the game page at Please rate the game, or become a fan, or ‘Like’ it, if you like it. 🙂 Thanks!

Inner Kingdom Games’ very first board game pits players against each other as they race across town to safety! Outpace your opponents and beat your zombies to the finish line! For 3 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. Retail price: $24.95. Price below includes shipping. Dash

But Hey!  Its here to Save the Day!

And no we are not talking about Dogs, not Going to the Dogs, not Letting the Dogs Out, Pity Who the Fool. No Dog gone Dog Poop Jokes coming up, or going down, Gar U Enteed!

We are talking about Steeds!

No not Am a Peel or an Avenging old Steed

Nor the relatively newer edition Steed, though both are indeed in Fine English Tweed.

Yes the Riderless Steed indeed gets the Last Laugh, isn’t the right Mr. Ed?

You Betcha Willbbburrr!


And did you ever notice that Willbbburrr! is much like Wildburro?

Notice any resemblance Carol aka Connie Hines, as in Back Ends B C Hines, did you marry a Jack Ass?


So Back to the But Hey!

Thats for horses you know, the butt hay.

Starts out nice and Sheave ‘ed

Butt Farts out not so nice and Disheveled

stock photo : Heap of Horse manure

And often needs to be Shoveled

To be a true Master of

When you just can’t Doo a Diservice

Go and get the Master Manual of Loves Labor

 Even Take a look in side, if you dare

But what would royalty be with out noble mounts.

On foot of course, indeed, in need of a Steed!

But Hey! Its here to Save the Day!

Or to cover the Road with Apples!

Well how did you like them Apples?  Not much you say?

Of course not, those are Oranges, not Apples!

And we are dealing with Apples not Oranges, even if the Peeler was an Emma award grape wining actress, who Drives Big Riggs

or was a Man, as Your Mother  was thoroughly a Man, such as a later

U Ma Thur Man. “Sometimes Prettier?”  Pretty Woman or Man?


But Hey! Its here to Save the Day!

Road Apples that is!

Loren Foster aka shadolrds

“From Whom Words Shadow Doles”


The Last Dragon, or The Answer my Friend, is Burning on the Wind

Title: The Last Dragon

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Imprint: Dark Horse Books

ISBN: 9781595827982

Author: Jane Yolen

Illustrated by: Rebecca Guay

The Last Dragon

If a picture is truly worth a 1,000 words, then “The Last Dragon”‘s illustrations, by Rebecca Guay, gives flight to a Trilogy’s worth of Jane Yolen’s words perfectly matted and framed.

The idyllic lifestyles of this little Meddlesome backwater is about to be disrupted, their lives turned upside down.  After a building string of missing animals the village Healer, Tansy’s father disappears.

The speculation runs wild, and rumors rampant.  Could it truly be the wicked work of a Dragon, long gone these last 2oo years?  A Hero is need, but none can be found on the Isle of Medd.

Come join Jane, and Rebecca on Tansy and these minions of Medd, on their quest for a Hero, to clear the skies, and perhaps save the day for humanity.

You will not be disappointed, your interest will take flight, your heart strings will be plucked, and your expectations will soar on the winds like a kite.

Reviewed for

Reviews Posted

and of course

Loren Foster aka shadolrds

“From Whom Words Shadow Doles”

Schack's Shack is not just a home. This King's Castle is his Home.  
It could be Yours for a Day if his Royalty you can Ransom!
Have you ever gotten over to Poulsbo area to see Dana Schack's castle yet, wow!

No that is not the Castle behind El Rey Dana, The King, it is his Well, and if his
Water is that Well protected, can you imagine how he protects his food!?!
Every King needs a Throne

You will wind up hills through dense forest, traveling back into the past and wala!
What you say it doesn't look big?  
See the front door? 
Each of the two door panels weigh over 300 pounds!  
While you attempt to pound your way through it you will be taking
continuous fire from the interlocking Arrow slits, truly a sticky wicket that! 

Each of the 3 levels measures 40 by 40 feet, with four octagonal towers. 
That is not revealing what machines of war are ensconced on the Castles 4th and final roof level.

Want a free Hot Oil treatment? By all 
means, declare your intentions prior to approach, or Die without Reproach! Or just 
be a bit Boiled and Poached!
He generally hosts an Open Castle once a year.
Can't Wait for the next one?
Care to procure an invitation, or take him up on a Tour?
Check his Facebook site, leave him a message, send him an Email. 
Never got the chance to have that Never Neverland get away?
Want to be a King for a Day?  Host Rousing Toast Display?
Make the Royal Wedding of your Dreams a true Real Royal Royality?
Come play Dungeons and Dragons in a Castle?
Will there be Tunnels and Trolls?
Recreate as the SCA recreates?
This and more could all be yours, if only...

You really should see it.  He has the main ground floor like a real great room , huge table, 
fur covered tressle benches,  trophy shields on the wall,

mostly had crafted and decorated by his own hands, taught to him by his father a Norman King,
and grandfather a Viking Longship builder by trade.


It just needs a better fire place / Roasting spit. 
He really needs a false front to put infront of the dinky fireplace county codes allowed, 
you know cow rotisserie fire contraption.  
Maybe a papermache cow or roast pig thing, would be great. 

whole hog

fireplace cooking accessory 


For more on Viking ways of Food preparation check out  
dreams, wants, needs, likes, dislikes, greeds, do it tomorrows, too many square toits, 
never enough round ones, that was one of Tol's (my Foster Father, C.E. Tol Foster) jokes, 
always finding Square Toits, never getting a Round To It.
Always something distracting, poor timing, or just sheer thick headed lazyness.
Hmm, he always called me MuscleHead, and asked "What are you good for?" all the time.
Think he knew something I haven't figured out yet?

Father Mine, 
The Fates are Cruel!
They took you Tol,
They cut the Tales too short,
They left the tears too long.
There is no puppy in the window.
The sash is down,
You went out of town.
"What are you Good For?"
Forced into a Shell,
No Bounce left to right
All rolled in a Ball.
No Entity to Fight.
Try as I May,
Try as I mite,
All I can write
Is oh so contrite.
Father Mine,
Your Left was my Wrong,
But I was not strong,
I could not follow along.
There is no sing to my song.
I am but a Fool,
Not a sharp tool.
Tell me,
Father Mine!
What will I ever be good for?

Loren Foster aka shadolrds
"From Whom Words Shadow Doles"

Title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 8: Last Gleaming

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Imprint: Dark Horse Books

Pub Date: 06/01/2011

ISBN: 9781595826107

Pages: 168

Trim Size: 7” x 10”

List Price: $16.99

Authors: Joss Whedon

Jane Espenson

Scott Allie

Category: Fiction – Adult: Humorous, Comics & Graphic Novels

Contributors: Inked or Colored by: Andy Owens & Michelle Madsen

Drawings by: Georges Jeanty & Karl Moline

Cover Design by: Jo Chen

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight Volume 8: Last Gleaming

Those fearing that they might be lost by jumping into the Demon Infested Finale of Season Eight need not Fear, for Buffy, Spike, Angel are back together again in a story arc that could only be attributed to the inimitable style of Joss Whedon.  Back but not nearly alone,  they have brought along just about darn near every main character from seasons past to season this Chef’s Surprise, which Francis Scott Key would surely have made allowances and overtures by lending this firework laden flag waving finale to this titles “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 8: Last Gleaming”.

Demonic Threats from Beyond, Bugs flown Steampunk Spaceship Death from Above, Big Betrayals from Within, all to be faced and defaced in a race where it all leads back to Sunnyvale and the elusive “Seed of Wonder”.

Wiccans and Slayers and Demons, oh My! Oh Oh My indeed, best lest not to forget the Gods on High, for all have age old agendas, and someones got to Die!

Read it yourself if you think my tongue could Lie!!

Get in Line for Season Nine!

Loren Foster aka shadolrds

originally reviewed for

“From Whom Words Shadow Doles”

Firestorm: Destroyermen
Greetings from Customer Discussions,
Because you requested to be notified when people commented on the “Fun, But a Bit Confusing at Times” review of “Firestorm: Destroyermen”, we are sending you this e-mail.
Oct 22, 2011 4:40:48 PM PDT
Robert Shepard Jr. says:

“You have got to remember that the USS Walker is actually a WWI vessel”Good point. I’ve made the correction in the review.

And that highlights why I’ll really need to re-read the whole series before Book Seven comes out. There’s a whole wealth of fascinating historical details to remember.

Thanks for the kind words.