Me I was never good with “Speechless”, although I was often Tongue tied,

it happens too often when you can flip your darn tongue upside down,

and Flabber Gasted, I am much more Flabber these days than Gasted.


Wish I understood women better.

Either I am just too damn tall to stand under them, or its all just over my head.

Either way, I just wish it was easier for them to bring me to heel.

Some can maky you feel like a Heel, with just a glance.

Some will Lance your Heart, and it will never Heal.


When you juggle Bannana’s and Orange’s

and its All up in the Air Yo

u can make a Fair Fruit Salad

But its a Toss UP If you add in a Pear

But be ready to Catch It I would to thee Appeal!

Or it will be all Butt End UP Lacking a peel

Except for Dinner Guests Ringing of Laughter a Peal.